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Updates For 2012

Welcome to the 2012 version of my blog, which seems to be a promising year. So let’s get to business. Overall format and organization will go unchanged. But I’ll have to throw out RCT3 and Forza 3 pages, because they’re so 2009. They will be replaced with a Minecraft page, but no Forza 4 page because that’s just excessive.

Can’t go without pictures… 8)

About Me- I’m ProV68,V68 if you’re really lazy. My former name was Bogabo, but that sounds like an African village (and it actually is). Then in my akward childhood stage I came up with Professor V68, which sounds completely stupid. I’ve stuck with ProV68 for three years now.  I’m 15 and have cars all over the place. My type of car is anything low lying, rev happy and agile. And Japanese. Not the typical Mustang fanboy. (They are nice though, btw.) I pretty much go to school, ride my bike or play xbox for a living. I’m also friends with CPMAN.  Anything else you want to know just comment and ask. But don’t stalk.

About This Blog-  My blog is a perfect mixture of CARS and a bit of Minecraft. You can expect any of that on here.

  • Swearing is okay now, no more ban.
  • Sometimes there will be an absence of posts, because I’m a busy teenager. Usually during the (high) school year, which is like all the time.

Other than that theres nothing else you need to know. It’s just a blog, don’t be so demanding.

ProV68 8)


13 Responses to About

  1. cpman says:

    You really got to edit this.

  2. cpman says:

    Hey! Good thing you removed the moderation of commments.

  3. ya, I thought it was glitched

  4. cpman says:

    So do you like how I updated the blog?

  5. It’s Ok, but the theme could be better.

  6. cpman says:

    Nah, I like the theme. It’s something different in over a year.

  7. cpman says:

    I was tired of K2 so I switched to this one I have right now.

  8. I know, that’s why I’m not complaining.

  9. You need a new avatar, it looks like you got it from a coloring book.

  10. cpman says:

    Ya I already have a few examples for my choosing. The blue CP logo or Robert billboard will be my choices.

  11. hmmm… not what I would choose, but as long as its better.

  12. cpman says:

    Ok. By the way in my new theme I like how the comments show up in speech bubbles.

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